Is being INVISIBLE so bad?

Many women we’ve interviewed talked about feeling invisible. They griped about walking down the street and missing the looks they used to get from men, women and as one woman said… “Even the construction workers” (not so sure about that!) Yes, the loss of attention on the street is tough and definitely disconcerting, but I remember a time long ago, when I was a little girl that the idea of being invisible was enthralling. It was the stuff of fantasy novels and magic spells. I imagined myself being able to watch people without being seen, wearing crazy clothes without being noticed, and acting silly without being scrutinized. It seems like we have some of those magic powers now. Since we are noticed less, we are freer to act however we please. Like one seventy year old interviewee said, “ You can be a crazy old lady if you like, and stand on a street corner and yell, “That’s a stop sign there!’”

Is being invisible so bad?

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