Anti-Aging Makes No Sense!

ANTI-AGING makes no sense. I was just listening to a re-broadcast of an interview with Ann Karpf, author of the book, “How to Age (the School of Life)” on The Brian Lehrer Show. She said “You can’t be anti-aging, it’s like saying you’re anti-breathing” I couldn’t have said it better. Where did they come up with the term anti-aging and why is no one complaining about that that? The nonsense of the statement is infuriating.   And the social implications of this mantra are profound.   It reinforces the negative attitudes toward a natural process.   In children, we celebrate every aging milestone… walking, talking, losing teeth and it seems that when young women hit their twenties – we want to put the breaks on. We want to stop time. I am not saying we need to celebrate wrinkles and sagging, but being anti-aging? That makes no sense. Thoughts, anyone?

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