The “Right” Outfit for Middle-Age

As yet another fashion week in New York City comes to an end, I find myself thinking about the role clothing plays in women’s lives. And how each stage of life seems to have clothing that defines it. Remember that wool dress with the twirly skirt you just had to wear to the first day of school, despite the fact that it was way too warm outside?  And the time you dared to wear a tube top and spent the entire day pulling it up?! How about the tailored suit and stockings you wore to your new job? How did that make you feel? Or the mom sweatpants? We seem to try on identities as we try on clothes. Our closets are filled with many different versions of ourselves. But what is the right outfit for middle age? What do we wear now? I’d like to think that it is simply the perfect fit of our own skin, as we have grown to realize that everything else is just dress-up.   And if we are comfortable in ourselves, no matter what we put on, we are always in style.






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