What bag would you choose?

This past weekend Old Bags Project had a wonderful exhibition in New Haven, CT. We met so many Old (and young) Bags as well as many supporters of the project. There were a lot of great discussions and fun conversations, but there was one particular thing that we noticed. When people came into our space and saw the photographs of middle-aged female bodies with bags on their heads, one question was constantly asked. “Did the models get to choose their own bag?”

The answer is to the inquiry is “Yes”…but the implications of that question compel us to ask other ones. Does the bag define the woman’s identity or subvert it?   Without a visible head, does the store bag logo become a new face?   Does the bag choice echo a fashion choice… good, bad and sometimes (dare I say) inappropriate?

Clearly our struggle with consumerism comes through in the artwork and we love that the audiences’ response encourages more dialogue, thought and another question…

What bag would you choose?



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